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What’s Trans Queer Pueblo?

In Arizona, as a migrant and LGBT + community we face racism, transphobia, homophobia and other types of discrimination. In this hostile environment Trans Queer Pueblo is a refuge for LGBT + migrants of color.

In their organization they create community solutions to solve their basic needs, they cultivate the leadership of LGBT people and migrants of color to transform their needs into community power and fight for social justice for all.


Cartas Por La Liberacion
Letters for Liberation and more.

We invite you to write letter to LGBT+ people in detention, more often than not these folks don't have family in the country that can visit or write.Participate just by writing a few words of hope, you'd be a part of a movement to end the detention and deportation of our community. See you there!

︎11pm-12pm TQP Workshop

︎6pm-8pm Cartas Por La Liberacion